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Francesco Arangio  | Partner |
Attorney with rights of audience before the country’s highest courts.

Practice Areas:
Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Proceedings, and Real Estate Law.

Mr. Arangio has gained considerable experience in corporate governance, acquisitions, regulation of financial markets, real estate operations, tenders, debt restructuring and bankruptcy.          
He provides ongoing advice to financial brokers and listed companies on regulatory matters and contracts with customers. He also specialises in construction contracts and relations with all the various parties involved (clients, contractors, lenders and building cooperatives), including litigation in this area. Finally, he has also worked on many corporate restructurings, dealing with both contentious and non-contentious matters in this regard.          

Education, Teaching and Publications:
Mr. Arangio holds a law degree cum laude from Tor Vergata University in Rome and a research doctorate in law from Florence University.      
He is a lecturer at the postgraduate school for the legal professions at La Sapienza University in Rome.   
He is the author of a number of publications on commercial law.    

Languages: Italian, English
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