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Antonio D'Aloia  Prof. Avv.
Full professor in constitutional law and Head of the Department of Law at the University of Parma.

Practice Areas:
He is an attorney with rights of audience before the country’s highest courts and specialises in tenders, public services, environment and energy administrative law, competition and antitrust, local authorities organisation and regulations, construction and town planning, spatial planning, public sector employment, health and biotechnology law.      

Education, Teaching and Publications:
Degree in law cum laude from Federico II University in Naples. Research doctorate in general public law from Florence University.           

Visiting professor at the Reading University (UK), Department of Law (2000) and Fordham University of New York (2010). He lectures at the Higher School of Public Administration and Formez. 

He is the author and editor of numerous publications (among which several books) on public, constitutional and administrative law topics.           

He is a member of the editorial committee of the periodicals “Rassegna di Diritto Pubblico europeo” and “Cooperazione mediterranea”. He also writes for some leading Italian legal periodicals among which “Quaderni Costituzionali, “Le Regioni”, “Foro Italiano”, “Foro Amministrativo”, “Politica del diritto” and “Giurisprudenza Costituzionale”.      

He was (and is) responsible for research projects of national importance (PRIN) and future in research projects (FIRB), co-­financed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, within which the project “The impact of the biotechnological innovations on rights linked to the person. An interdisciplinary and comparative study (FIRB 2008/2011)” is still in process.

Public Appointments:
He has been advisor to some local government departments (Public Functions, Communications, Community Policy) in Lazio and Campania. In particular:          

2007 – advisor to and member of the technical­-scientific secretariat of the Ministry of Communications.

2007­/2008 – advisor to and member of the commission for adopting implementing regulations for Campania Regional Law No. 3/2007 on public contracts, set up at the Department of Public Works of the Campania Region.

Since 2008 – member of the Internal Management Evaluation Unit, set up by the Regional Council of Campania.

2009 – Industrial Development Areas Consortia advisor and coordinator for the Campania Region for the drafting of a bill to reform industrial districts and consortia in relation to industrial development areas.

He has been a member of arbitral tribunals and tender commissions in connection with the awarding of public contracts.

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