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Experienced Lawyers.
What do we require of those who wish to work for us?

A solid academic background, excellent knowledge of English, a keen mind and an ability to analyse issues in depth: in short, when faced with complex issues, the capacity and intelligence to focus on the main problems and the wherewithal to dissect them to clear the way for the best solution to the problem.

We work mainly with medium and large size companies and each of our professionals must always bear in mind that the advice given serves to provide answers to those who must take complex, often risky and sometimes strategic decisions on a daily basis. Many of our professionals will be on secondment for a period of time with our main clients so as to better understand, from within, the dynamics and needs of the company. We require loyalty, objectivity and intellectual honesty in relations with other professionals as well as an ability to learn from experience and a commitment to professional growth.


What will those who work with us find?

Professionals who value the skills and aptitudes of each individual and who further their professional development.

An environment where the profession is a result and not a means and hence where flexibility (our professionals are first and foremost people with their own interests and a web of personal relations that work must not get in the way of) goes hand in hand with responsibility and total dedication when necessary (clients must always be supported in the most critical moments, understanding their needs and pace and guaranteeing them a useful solution).

We provide our professional with all the means to analyse in depth the topics they will deal with, both through practical tools such as an outstanding library and numerous electronic databases and through mentoring by experienced professionals.

Candidates are required to e-mail their curriculum vitae using the following link:

Application sending

The following information must also be set out in the accompanying e-mail:
- personal details;
- degree grade;
- subject of the degree thesis;
- post-graduate studies: for example, PhD, master’s degree, research, publications, appointments and academic work;
- professional qualifications and work experience;
- areas of interest.
We will be happy to assess all CVs received and to contact candidates in line with our philosophy for an exploratory interview.
The data provided in any CV and accompanying e-mail will be processed in accordance with the firm’s privacy policy, which candidates are required to view before sending their CV.